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About Us

At Dens and Kennels, our name truly says it all. We specialize in working with private owners, hotels and other clients across the United States to supply the highest-quality dens, kennels, beds and other pet products. 

The Birth of Dens and Kennels

Before coming to Miami 20 years ago, our founder and owner, Milan, lived in Serbia. He always had a passion for animals, and is a canine aficionado. Milan also breeds German shepherds, but he specializes in Serbian tricolor hounds. After coming to the US, Milan realized there was a significant gap in the market for high-quality kennels and other pet products. 

He forged relationships with small designer kennel builders across the country, and then built a logistics network to deliver hand-crafted kennels to any customer in the country. 

Our Mission

At Dens and Kennels, our mission is straightforward and simple – to deliver the highest-quality dens, kennels, beds and other pet products, and to provide our customers with all the support and assistance they need from beginning to end.

Our Commitment

We are completely committed to delivering the best possible customer experience. To that end, we stand behind every product we sell, whether that’s a handcrafted kennel or a cat bed.

We invite you to experience the difference the right retailer can make – contact us today.